I have been with the AirLines, so have done my share of travel and multi-lingual – able to order basic menu at any popular destination ! plus I have had the chance to live ON the beach-of-beaches Koreans migrate to during peak Summer season at the Port City of Busan or formerly Pusan (when English spelling was more rough, prior to the glorious SEOUL Olympics)


I started this boutique with recommendation from a trio of close friends whose boutiques in the area have soared, and we often get together doing our rounds over the whole-sale market in the wee hours of the night .

as this is basically a 1~3 person operation depending upon date and time : merchandise on sale is quite flexible . although a bulk of them are from local whole-salers, I regularly do my own leg-work around Tokyo, Osaka and Hong Kong whole-salers . plus chip-in some classic and used clothing & accessories fill the store ;)

price is the going-rate in metropolis, South Korea so the buying point would be our varied but sensible selection and keeping the notion of trust, although frequent shoppers take us more as a consultant .

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SEOUL Subway Line 9 GuBanPo Station Exit 2

Open Monday through Saturday 1 ~ 7pm, CLOSED Holidays and owner out on Mondays